Not Designed to Be

With every phone call that I place, I hear stories of life. Every story is complicated, with an overshadowing of pain, of sin, of harsh realities of life.

With every visit to the shops, restaurants and public places, I see stories of life. Every story displays infirmity, loneliness and limits of some sort.

With every surf of the internet or television channels, I am bombarded with the reality of twisted stories perhaps portrayed as entertainment or as some injustice incurred.

With every choice that I’ve made to see, to witness or to participate, there is an equal choice to make to turn to what is good, lovely, honorable, excellent and admirable.

With every post that I make I have learned, I AM LEARNING, to consider and to consider again, are my words and my thoughts uplifting for another or do they affirm the depravity of life?

With every thing that I perceive as humorous, fun or delightful to me, it can and it does represent something different to another. With every Scripture, truth, insight or revelation that has claimed significance for me, it can and it does instigate something different to another.

There was a time, when I was a child until I became a young adult, I kept my thoughts, my words and my heart to myself for I had learned that they were less than or different to another.

In these latter years, I have learned that God created me for the explicit purpose to be in relationship to HIM and to worship HIM. My heart was not designed to be ignored and my words were not given to be silent. There is NOTHING within me that represents the depravity of life, but only the glory of a loving God.


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