Repair and Renew

Renew your mind
so that you can
set your heart free.

For where your mind roams
your heart will follow
ever so slightly in due time.

On what your mind dwells
your heart too will settle
little by little for life or death.

So set your heart free
but to do so renew
your mind conscientiously.

If on slights and rejection
you focus and fester
your heart will bleed continually.

Unto death and into sickness
you may forever be imprisoned
if you choose not to repair and renew.

Bring into the Light those things
that darken your sight and your thoughts
for such become the sentinels of your heart.

Like a house easily broken into
so is the heart left unguarded
by a mind chosen not be renewed.

Therefore be renewed in the spirit of your mind
according to God’s righteousness and holiness of truth
and so set your heart free in wholeness and peace.


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