Innocent and Prudent

I went to bed last night in the midst of a storm.
The rain pelted the house while the thunder roared.

I woke this morning to bright sunlight.
The birds are singing and dancing in my yard.

Change happened over time as night turned to day.
Oh, but do not be fooled by events blinding you to truth.

The storm was brilliant and glorious just like the new morning’s sun.
Sovereign Love and Power is in the darkness and the light.

Anxiety in either the storm or the light skews what I perceive.
Only the worst can happen if this is truly my convicting reality.

The storm raged overhead yet I slept deeply and peacefully.
The broken branches that clutter the lawn is part of the cycle of life.

The morning sun enters my home through the glass front door.
The fingerprints and the dust that it highlights will be ignored.

Everywhere there is beauty to be seen and reason to rejoice.
The same holds true for problems to solve and work to be done.

Neither peace nor anxiety comes from within our circumstances.
It comes through the filter of our mindset and our perception.

Search for Truth in all things and recognize HIS presence.
Use knowledge and resources by guided stewardship.

Train your heart and eyes to see by Love’s penetrating Light.
Innocent as a dove and prudent as a serpent always be.


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