I played in the dirt this morning, ate Japanese with friends for lunch, shopped at Target for a birthday gift this afternoon. Home, sweet home now I am again where my frogs and I sing a happy song as the rest of the world fades to black.

A traveler passing through this life I am and with every step I’ve taken and every mile I’ve wandered, the blessings and the surprises have greeted me with tears and with smiles. The love I’ve experienced has always been received as gifts from my heavenly Father and for each person HE chose to love me through, I will forever be loving back.

Heaven is a place I’ve yet to move to and hopefully the day will not tarry too much longer. But tonight, I can say with quivering lips and liquid joy pouring from my eyes that the greatest earthly material gift I am most proud of is this old, creaky, quirky house where I call home.

The welcome mat is at the front door and the back and either way you choose to enter, please come right in and find a place to sit. Rock with me on the front porch and smile at the home’s natural character. Let your eyes twinkle with amusement at my decor and improvisations that fit this shortened stature of a bodacious woman. There is an outdoor swing down by the creek if you care to roam or a park bench for resting and a barn where you can tinker.

Whatever you do on this simple acre of land, please be aware that you have entered God’s Glory Land. Should you decide to visit me here or find for some reason you must unpack here, do not let this truth slip away into your personal delusions. This place is a gift from God and it is HIS chosen provision for me; respect it and me or you might discover HIS displeasure. If you know and love HIM as I do and if you want to know and love me too, then come on down and sit a spell. You just might learn to love me more and my Heavenly Father too.


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