This Pit

When I become complacent in this emotional pit,
then I have taken the first step toward slavery.

I wallow in this murky dungeon waiting
for someone to listen and understand.

Then anger overwhelms me and am soon paralyzed
with despair, wondering who will come along to rescue?

But out of this pit I must recognize I am not alone,
nor helpless, just temporarily undone by pain.

Store away what is hurtful, to be dealt with another day,
but rise up now, and again I say now, by the power within me!

For greater is HE Who is within me than he that is in the world
if like a little child I have the faith to believe and to move mountains.

So out of this pit to which I have been thrown is the calling
I must obey and trust in the One Who knows my name!

HE sees me in all my captivity and has the best in mind for me
so praise HIS holy name with all that is within me, unless I be ashamed.

The pain is there, indeed it is, and little by little, or perhaps at once,
HE will one day heal and restore all that has been lost and stolen.

But now, now and not later, I shall rise out of this pit for
I cannot be as I was designed if I am controlled by any other.

It may just be the journey will take me down to Egypt and away
from all that is familiar and what I long for, but if so, HE is there.

Where HE is, if I am willing to linger, to trust and to obey
is where HE anoints, cleanses, heals and strengthens.

HE will build me into the woman HE created me to be
as though I am royalty in HIS family, if only I am willing.

Apart from the ones of the world who cry self righteously,
“Don’t hurt him!” let the Healer restore and redeem me.

This pit was never designed for a child of HIS but is allowed
because of free will and so it is my choice to stay or to be free.

Look me now to the Hand reaching down to me and grasp it,
for life and love depend upon it to lift me up out of this misery.

Resurrection follows death and new life in abundance even
after the pit and the grave, when it is HE I trust and obey.


2 thoughts on “This Pit

  1. Your post reminds me of God’s word to Jeremiah when he had been thrown into the sewerage pit. Most Christians don’t realize that the pit he had been thrown into, was the pit where the toilet buckets were emptied into.

    I know my plans for you says the Lord. Plans to bless you, and not harm you. Plans to prosper you and not curse you.

    May all of us know the reality of the Lord being for us; whenever we are deep in the pits of life.

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