Forty-Years’ Wandering

Forty years I have been
wandering through a desert
land harsh and barren from
sin’s seeds sown and harvested.

It was not a choice I made
to begin this journey though
the time has passed slowly
for the path went nowhere.

Around and around the mountain
did I travel again and again
hoping only that this time
the destination would be changed.

The Promise Land was always
in sight just beyond this and
that obstacle and trial
only to always be unreachable.

Lost in the wilderness was I
in search of guidance, love and
acceptance only to be reminded
that I was not enough over and over.

Not realizing that the one I had been
pursuing was just a false security
I tread deep ruts in the road
to nowhere and to bondage.

Love that sets men and women free
as TRUTH personified removed the scales
from my eyes and now the hope
I see before me is life abundantly.

Let the celebrations begin and the
worship too as the mirrors of the past
are shattered beneath the weight of
Redemption’s Grace, Resurrection’s Power.

Let the grave clothes be tossed aside
and the shroud destroyed which keeps
me tied to the tomb of the living dead
for I am free, free at last once and for all.

How I have beseeched my God
to allow me to come to HIM
but alas HE continues to send me
back to mine own house.

So now listen as I share of
the great things HE has done
for it is by HIS Love, HIS Truth
and HIS Grace that I am undone.





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