Welcome Home, My Child

You are my beloved,
My daughter for all time,
a daughter of the King.

I have made a home for you
in heaven where you will enter
eternity with Me always and forever.

You were created by My design
as uniquely you and unlike any other
and for My glory I will cause you to shine.

I have made a home for you
there at God’s Glory House
where you are safe and protected.

Dwell there with Me and lean on Me
for your provision and sustenance
and then you will bask in My security.

You will know My Presence in solitude
and as you roam if you follow Me
as I lead you to others or to rest alone.

Gather My Wisdom and My Word
into your heart and mind and let it
flourish with grace and discernment.

Multiply what you have earned and
what you’ve been given by allowing
Me to send you out on mission.

For wherever I lead you there you
will be accepted for the way has been
prepared for you to represent Me.

When you feel rejected, overlooked
or belittled just remember that My
grace by them is neither valued.

I AM the One who created you
and gave you life though your body
may be crippled to the human eye.

You are noticed, indeed, wherever you go
and this is as I have planned it for I AM
the One Who gives you purpose and strength.

Walk with courage into the unknown
for I know the plans I have for you
to welcome you home, My Child.

You were created by My design with
the purpose that is divine so therefore
let no one overwhelm you with their pride.

I have welcomed you into My Presence
and into My heart and into My home
so hide yourself in Me, My Child.


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