The Aquamarine Tiara

In another time and place, oh so very long ago, I walked the streets of a small town in the United Kingdom. My time, money and strength were limited and monitored, even my free time, and so not far could I roam.
Even though I was there in obedience to an almighty and all-knowing God, my heart often longed for beauty, simplicity, freedom and love. When possible I would slip away on the bus to a nearby two-story shopping mall. There I would have access to an electric scooter for the day and be reminded of the simplicity and freedom of “driving”.
In the middle of the mall there was a kiosk which sold all sorts of bright and brilliant accessories for brides and debutantes on their special day. On impulse I bought a tiara, handmade with stones of the palest of blue. The keeper of the shop was ever so kind and carried on as if I were a bride, even though we both knew differently.
That tiara for quite a while has been kept packed away and out of sight along with other trinkets from that time and place. Indeed, life has taken many twists and turns since then; often my dreams and hopes, too, have been buried and shunned from light.
In recent years when God brought me to the doors of HIS Glory House and handed me the keys and said to occupy, that tiara has been recovered from its burial site. Since then it has been on display for a gentle reminder that I am HIS bride.
In recent months there has been reason to believe that, to my surprise and others too, that I may one day be an earthly man’s bride. My thoughts have been buzzing with possibilities for that special day and much research and potential options have been pursued. It came to my attention that that tiara with its palest of blue stones has become a bit tarnished over time and so a day was spent cleaning and polishing to revive its shine.
A simple wedding I am hoping for and so my initial thoughts were that that tiara could not be used but alas, my God has given me a creative mind. Lo and behold, if I am to have a marriage ceremony to my groom with me as his bride, that tiara can be used! With tears of wonder and awe toward my almighty and all-knowing God, I look every day at that tiara with pride. I’ve added bits of garnet for personal reasons, especially for the one who may become my groom.
It was just yesterday that my almighty and all-knowing God brought to my attention that the aquamarine stones of that tiara purchased one hot summer day in 2001 or 2002 just happen to be the birthstones for the one who may become my groom.

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