In the night, in the dark hours
In the night, in deep sleep
the enemy of rest came
with dreams to unsettle me.

But alas, he should have known
that once I awoke, his power would be broken
when my mind became alert and remembered
the truth of what the Prince of Peace has proclaimed.

The Prince of Peace has called me HIS own
and HE is good and HIS banner over me is love
in all that HE does and all that HE provides
and all that HE proclaims is a reflection of HIM.

In HIM, I am accepted and I am HIS beloved
and in HIM, I have peace and I have strength
and in HIM, I am worthy and I have value
and in HIM, I am somebody and I have purpose.

So under the cover of darkness
and when I am vulnerable
come at me with all your might
and riddle me with your ungodliness.

In the morning, when in the Light
In the morning, when exposed by Truth
who you are and what you do
will no longer have any power.

For by HIM, you will be destroyed
and HIS reign over you will be eternal
and HE will be magnified forevermore
and HE will have the last say. Amen.


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