The Crosshairs of Love

Vertical love is easy to do.
For in and of itself,
that is how Love began.

It descended from the Heavens to the earth.
For such ones as you and me,
Adam and Eve came to be.

You see, vertical love is from God to man.
Though in delayed obedience we strive,
all in all in HIS love we will thrive.

HE ushers in hope, goodness and trust.
Some days we bow in holy worship,
and yet we rise empowered and inspired.

Horizontal love is where we falter.
For in and of itself,
that is how Love’s story unfolds.

You see, horizontal love is from us to one another.
Though we long to belong and to be known,
we often perish from wounds and neglect.

We promise what we cannot provide.
Unconditionally with rules and regulations,
we control and we contrive.

But can’t you see, nearsighted are we?
Do we not live within the crosshairs of Love?
Heaven’s or earth’s, upwardly traveling or sideways we stumble?


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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