The razor sharp edge of the sword of humor
thrust deep from within the cloak of politics
reaches not the ones on whom the jokes are targeted
but displays to our friends our elevated intelligence.

How strategic we are to follow up those daggers
with posts of Scripture and of Sovereign God
on how great and mighty and superior is our land
and displaying to our friends our elevated spirituality.

And yet I recall those times of worship in a foreign land
as an American minority surrounded by multiple cultures
and many languages all in unity praying to the One true God
for healing and holiness and power from on high to descend.

Humility held true worshipers in a position of kneeling
or sometimes lying prostrate with hands upturned
and raised while each heart was cleansed and filled
until with one voice all sang in praise to the King of Kings.

Vastly different one from another are we individuals formed
and created by the Lord Above All yet in common we have
each of us this thing called pride and the drive to be
seen and accepted as something greater than reality.


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