A New Goodbye

The first time that I said goodbye,
it was as if my body shredded to pieces.
Muscles ripped from bones,
and marrow leached out upon the dry ground.

The second time that I said goodbye,
it was if my mind exploded with anger.
Heart pounded furiously,
and condemnation and shame flooded in.

Time has passed by the hands of God,
and it has been HIS hands drying the tears.
Promises of old have become new,
as HIS Word abides within.

Yea though within a defining moment,
a purposeful parting could not be denied.
Each and every day brings a new goodbye,
as if you are still with me body, mind and soul.


On a Path

In the mundane duties of the morning, we set ourselves on a path.
By day’s end, will we be closer to where we planned on going?

Did we tick off all the boxes that we had listed on our to-do list?
We accomplished whatever it was that we applied our time and effort to.

With each tick-tock in the movement of time we make our choices for life.
Was the marking of time in life evidence of wisdom, of grace and of love?

One element without the other, doesn’t it lead us to a place of no return?
Do not get lost in a journey where time and decisions become our enemy.