Of Heaven

The children were running and playing. Some were having a grand time with their inline skates, unicycles and bicycles. It was the perfect location to let the wind rush through their hair. Their faces and their giggles made me think of what heaven must be like.

As they rode by me, they all made eye contact and spoke to me. They carried themselves with respect and a sense of security and wholeness.

Younger children were playing ball, with the male adults in attendance and giving guidance. I heard a comment that one of them was starting kindergarten today.

I sat there in the sun, surrounded by the lake, children, mothers and fathers. The men mostly were dressed in khaki pants and button-down shirts, fleece vests. The women wore their hair in buns and were clothed in long, simple dresses and skirts.

As the children played and the men watched over them, the women cleaned up from the meal. Soon I began to hear sweet and clear voices that must have been voices of angels singing. Some of the songs I recognized; some I didn’t. I sat there, mesmerized, wanting to be a part of them, and yet not wanting to intrude in such an intimate fellowship of an uncommon family. It was an almost palpable sense of community and belonging.

The Bible was in my lap. I was reading Genesis at that moment. Adam was formed. A garden in Eden was planted and there Adam was placed, with unrestricted freedom and control, except for that one thing from which Adam should not partake. A woman was created just for this Adam, as his companion and as another pleasure in life. All was perfect; there was not one need that was unmet. There was also unbroken and unrestricted fellowship with God Himself.

The goading and deception began, as did the outright lies. The shifting of blame and responsibility and hiding and guilt and fear took over; the garden of Eden became a guarded place by cherubim and flaming sword.

Adam and his Eve were now restricted from access to what sounded as though it was heaven on earth.

While surrounded by community, fellowship, belonging and voices of angels, I read ancient truths of life void of those very things.

Oh that we could all witness, and experience, more of the sights and sounds of heaven.