Open the Door

Every day begins the same. And then the minutes and the hours begin to tick by, just as they have on all the days before.

You pray, you read, you sing songs. You work and work, until you return home to prepare for the next day and then fall into bed. On the next day, you will do the same things again.

Some days are a bit different. There’s ministry to do and extracurricular activities to attend to. Perhaps it is your day off and you scrub the toilet, pull weeds, change the oil in the car or mount the two-wheel chariot and let the wind carry you wherever it pleases.

And then God comes knocking and suddenly, unexpectedly, HE beckons you into something different and new.

Although you may have been waiting on HIM, somehow you’ve stopped watching for HIM. When the knock on the door comes, your heart and mind races with thoughts that you don’t recognize and thoughts you really don’t want to claim as yours.

When God comes beckoning you into something different and new, listen for HIS voice and recognize HIS Word. Then open the door and take HIS hand.