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about the Author, image 2Birth:  My birth was rather sudden and unexpected and altogether not promising.  It produced a lot of drama and fear and certainly no hope.
Rebirth:  My rebirth seemed to be the natural thing to do.  It produced uncertainty for some and certain hope for me.

Student Life:  My student life was normally abnormal.  My associates degree was funded at a junior college by scholarships I knew nothing about until I was awarded them.

Adult Life:  My professional life began by applying for a job for which technically I was not qualified.  My mother sat in the reception area during the interview.  That was about the Author, image 3the beginning of a 16-year investment as a medical transcriptionist.  Following that investment in medical institutions, my public ministry life as a missionary began, continuing for six years firstly in the UK and secondly in the US.  Life in the present is one of leisure in the “deep south of the colonies”, allowing ample time to pursue personal pleasures, one being writing and all that it entails, as well as volunteering in various ministries.

“There is meaning and purpose in everything that happens.  There is value to every soul.”

As stated earlier, my birth was rather sudden and unexpected and altogether not promising.  It produced a lot of drama and fear and certainly no hope.  Actually, my birth was significantly premature according to the timing of medical professionals.  According to the diagnosis of medical professionals given when I was at the age of three, cerebral palsy became a defining tag in life in the opinion of many.  It produced uncertainty for some.  I became aware of a certain hope a few short years later which became a defining tag in life in my opinion.  The Lover, the source of a certain hope, tends to override earthly professionals, medical or otherwise.

Curious about cerebral palsy?http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/cerebral_palsy/cerebral_palsy.htm.


52 thoughts on “about the Author

  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your’s, as well. I’ll definitely be following. I look forward to reading more about the “Shadows of Love”. 😉


  2. I enjoyed reading your bio. We all have stories and it’s fun to link up and share. You may want to click on my link to Karly’s story. She is someone I came across in blogland who is defying the academic and medical communitys’ prognosis and creating and thinking and inspiring in spite of Rett Syndrome. Press on!


  3. Debbie….I saw you stopped by to read and ‘Like’ my blog; thanks for reading! I’ve been writing these Pearls of Daily Wisdom now for 10+ years, and I always enjoy getting to know new readers. I’m glad you like it, and hope you’ll be back for more. I’ll be coming back in a little while to check out some of what you’ve written; gotta go do errands right now. Anywho, thanks again for stopping by, and enjoy your blogging…..


    • Thank you, Anne. I happen to agree with your post. Outpatient surgery may be more “economical” financially but there is certainly a high price to pay for the patient and caregivers.


  4. Hi Debbie! I stumbled onto your blog from another blog and am so glad I did. The whole concept of what you’re doing here is wonderful! I trust that you will continue to be a blessing and an encouragement to many as you share our Lover’s love and grace! God bless!


    • Thank you very much, Rick! I appreciate the encouragement and enjoyed the bits I’ve been able to read of your posts. There is so much to share about Love and grace and forgiveness; we should never be short of inspiration, yes?


  5. Hi Debbie ! My friend created this “101 things about me” where you can describe and introduce yourself and tagging your WordPress friends that you want to know more. I accepted the challenge and tagged you as the one of the person I want to know more. I look forward for that post ! Please visit the post for the rules ! Have a great day 🙂



  6. Hi Debbie –
    Your story, via your blog, has been such an inspiration to me! I have read your work over the years. I have nominated you for the WordPress family Award for all you have meant to me and other bloggers. If you don’t accept awards, I understand. I just wanted you to know you are appreciated.

    God’s Blessings!


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