uniquely me

inscription on the front leaf of a Bible, a souvenir of England



The Lover, generous in love, mercy and grace, has also been generous in gifts.  The gifts listed below will be left behind, yet all have been tools of meaning, purpose, direction, contentment and pleasure.  All have been tools for me to become uniquely me.  All have been considered shadows of Love.  Therein lies the legacy.

To the untrained eye, as life happens it may seem to be all randomness with no direction.  Yet with the eyes of the heart can we see that our lives are simply shadows of Love. 


Authors on my shelves:  Amy Carmichael, Gary Chapman, James Dobson, Elisabeth Elliot, John Eldredge, C. S. Lewis, Max Lucado, Catherine Marshall, Peter Marshall, Gary Smalley, Andy Stanley, Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Joni Eareckson Tada, John Trent, Ravi Zacharias …

Bibles worn from use:

  • a black leather KJV from 1981
  • a brown leather NIV from 1999
  • a green leather with Celtic design HCSB from 2011 

Books that have made an impact:
Foolproofing Your Life, Jan Silvious (original)
Hiding From Love, Dr. John Townsend (original)
Lineage of Grace Series, Francine Rivers
Piercing the Darkness, Frank E. Peretti
Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers
So Long Insecurity, Beth Moore
The Bondage Breaker, Dr. Neil T. Anderson
The Divine Romance, Gene Edwards
The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman
The Sacred Romance, John Eldredge
The Shack, William P. Young
This Present Darkness, Frank E. Peretti
Various works of Elizabeth Elliot
Various works of Andrew M Greeley
Wild at Heart, John Eldredge

Ministries that I often listen to:
Family Life Today, Dennis Rainey
Focus on the Family, Daly, Slattery and Fuller
Insight for Living, Dr. Chuck Swindoll
In Touch Ministries, Dr. Charles Stanley
Living on the Edge, Chip Ingram
Northpoint Community Church, Andy Stanley
The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans
Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah

Ministries that I often wake to:
Back to the Bible, Woodrow Kroll
Lighten Up!, Ken Davis
A Quick Word, Beth Moore
Love Worth Finding, Dr. Adrian Rogers

Jungle Jam, Miss Deb
The Pond
Adventures in Odyssey

Things of sentimental value:
1.  porcelain doll from Germany, tiara from England, music box from Biltmore Estate, 

porcelain doll, tiara, music boxes, trinket boxes, nightlight

music box from friend, trinket box, nightlight 

2.  books on father’s shelf
3.  black/white 13 inch tv, grandmother’s footstool, mother’s hairdryer, radio/cassette player with cassette storage unit, grandmother’s ironing board, mother’s Polaroid camera, camera won in high school, photo of family
4. straight back chair made by father, handmade quilt from childhood
5.  leg braces, cane, walker

souvenirs of England

6.  home and the legacy therein
7.  souvenirs of England, Guatemala, Belgium, Germany

8.  Bibles, published in 1833 from England
9.  books, published from1920-1940 from England

10.  Petra Ann


11 thoughts on “uniquely me

  1. I noticed that you “Liked” a blog posting of mine and wanted to know more about you. Your writing is thought provoking with a pinch of mystery about it. Please keep writing. I,too, am certain that Life’s purposes stretch further than our ability to see. Please keep in touch.


    • I do like your post! Thanks for tiptoeing through the Shadows. I hope you find it encouraging, uplifting and will settle here often.

      Hmmm, a pinch of mystery… Ideas for posts are always tumbling through the caverns of my soul!


      • I understand about tumbling thoughts. Your friends were right. Blogging is the best first place to start writing. I tend to concentrate more on content then spelling or sentence structure here. If I put something out in the blogisphere that others respond to, that tells me I may have a scratch forother people’s itches. I’ve been dealing with brokenness in one form or another most of my life and am obsessed with understanding it in relationship to the grace of Christ. Incredible Stuff! I stay away from caffeine, but this topic is enough to keep me awake at night writing.


  2. Hi Debbie, thanks for popping over to my site and enjoying one of my poems. I am not in any way, shape or form religious as I don’t believe I need religion, faith or whatever it is to be me (I have words and music) but I am drawn to your site. Is it the chess themed header or just the clarity of your writing I don’t know, but I’ll be back.



    • Martin, thank you ever so much for looking into the Shadows. You are always welcome and I hope to hear from you often. The fact that you are drawn to this site pleases me very much. I write of my experiences at times and often from the inspiration of the stories and music of others. Words and music mean a lot to me as well.


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