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Shadows of Love: Stories of life are but Shadows of Love

Editorial History:
This blog began late one Saturday evening, 03 July 2011 to be exact.  Already curiosity has grown within WordPress, throughout other associations of the worldwide web, and by word of mouth.  About that, I am very thankful and very excited.  Already curiosity is creeping along the grapevine of assumptions and vain imaginations.  About that, I am disappointed, though not surprised.  
For more than 20 years, I have been encouraged to do something with my writing.  One of the first memories of being recognized for my writing style came from submitting my application to a local college.  After reading my testimony, the one who was processing the application contacted me, asking me to share before a small group of teens in her country church.  As the years passed, there were other opportunities to share in small groups and with close friends.  One of the first memories of being recognized on a wider scale came from submitting my application to a nondenominational, multicultural missions agency.  After returning from a short-term missions outreach in the UK, I was given the opportunity to speak before a group at a missions prayer breakfast.  Much to my surprise, there were 200 or so in attendance; a notable pastor of world renown was sitting within an arms’ reach; the video camera was rolling; and the spotlights were focused.  Therein lies my 15 minutes of fame.
Of late, those who know me the best and love me the most have been most adamant about it.  I do not work, I am not married and I do not have children and/or pets.  Recent commitments in ministry have come to a close; my time is now free to use at my discretion.  In researching the journey of becoming a published author and becoming effective as a writer, I read again and again that blogging was a beginning point. 
So here we are, in the midst of Shadows of Love.  Just as stories of life include times of peace, comfort and pleasure as well as times of strife, longing and pain, so too will this blog include posts as such.  It is my desire that the posts here reflect the journey of life that is common to all.  Life is a journey and there is always movement and change, the end of one thing and the beginning of another.  There is meaning and purpose in everything that happens.  Throughout each day that we tarry on the earth, we are writing yet another page of the legacy we leave behind.  Throughout each day, the Lover is always pursuing His Beloved. 
Editorial Disclaimer:
Posts added to Shadows of Love may be inspired by:
  • songs I’ve heard
  • books I’ve read
  • conversations I’ve been part of or inadvertently been party to
  • dynamics in relationships I’ve witnessed or experienced
  • inspirations from the Word
  • posts from other blogs

Posts that are reblogs within WordPress will be as they are posted on the original site.  Quotes will be as correct as I know how to be.  Pages that are about the Author are simple straight forward facts.

Other posts are stories that reveal life, love and Truth in all its many facets.  Those stories are meant to be messages of faith, healing, hope, life, love, relationships and Truth. 

Most stories that are shared here may be, and most probably are, a combination of many things on that list above. Most stories that are shared here may be, and most probably are, a combination of things heard, read and experienced yet shared through characters who are a combination of people I’ve observed, I’ve read about or I’ve created. 

Unless specifically indicated, the posts themselves should not be considered autobiographical.  A search for the “real” characters of my posts may, and most probably will, lead to conclusions you wish to see and away from the message of the story.  By far, more profitable and appreciative uses can be had of your creativity and wisdom.  

If you share the posts, with integrity, refer back to Shadows of Love.

If you are encouraged by the posts, with kindness, add your comments.

If you are offended, irritated or worried by the posts or disagree with the posts, with maturity, add your comments.  After all, your opinion is as important as mine and I may learn something.



Recent Posts

Out of Sight and Far from Reach

When the one you love
is out of sight or far from reach,
the expression of your love
requires a different form.

The distance gets in the way
of touching and talking,
of sharing time and bonding
which builds security and happiness.

Be it out of sight or of reach
you are loving someone from afar,
watching life go by beyond
your presence or power.

Still life goes on
in the context of time,
forcing your heart to grieve
and your will to struggle to survive.

The love continues albeit painfully
even though you wish you had control,
for then you would make the pain
go away so that your heart would be whole.

Do not grow bitter in the anger
nor weary from the longing,
for in this span of time let
Love clarify your heart and mind.

Brokenness and emptiness may be
what you feel today and for now,
yet there is hope if
healing you will allow.

Do not be afraid of the darkness
nor the pain for both are temporary,
and perhaps necessary and sacred
as One Who is Love works HIS best.

HE will not leave you shattered
nor does HE forget or ignore you,
but in HIS timing does HE require
that you trust HIM with heart and mind.

Do not kick against the pricks
for in the resisting more harm is done,
isn’t that what Paul had to learn
before he learned to see with renewed sight?

When the one you love
is out of sight or far from reach,
the expression of your love
requires a Voice from the Divine.

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