Living is Not Passive

The numbers increase every day
of acts of terror, rage and fear.

Louder and louder people shout
proclaiming knowledge or is it vengeance?

The little voices in their heads rival
the darkness in their hearts or so it seems.

Reaction comes quickly and certainly
from a platform of me, myself and mine.

Threatened we feel with our backs against the wall
so outward we thrust with bitterness, anger and strife.

Oh but the simple man, woman and child waits quietly
keeping their peace and holding their tongue.

Watching and waiting, silently praying but ready
for action when HIS wisdom they receive.

Preparations for battle, for peace, for joy and for life
one must always actively if not assertively seek.

Living is not passive, nor is love, hate, peace or joy
but only the wise and the discerning will see the difference.


The razor sharp edge of the sword of humor
thrust deep from within the cloak of politics
reaches not the ones on whom the jokes are targeted
but displays to our friends our elevated intelligence.

How strategic we are to follow up those daggers
with posts of Scripture and of Sovereign God
on how great and mighty and superior is our land
and displaying to our friends our elevated spirituality.

And yet I recall those times of worship in a foreign land
as an American minority surrounded by multiple cultures
and many languages all in unity praying to the One true God
for healing and holiness and power from on high to descend.

Humility held true worshipers in a position of kneeling
or sometimes lying prostrate with hands upturned
and raised while each heart was cleansed and filled
until with one voice all sang in praise to the King of Kings.

Vastly different one from another are we individuals formed
and created by the Lord Above All yet in common we have
each of us this thing called pride and the drive to be
seen and accepted as something greater than reality.

The Crosshairs of Love

Vertical love is easy to do.
For in and of itself,
that is how Love began.

It descended from the Heavens to the earth.
For such ones as you and me,
Adam and Eve came to be.

You see, vertical love is from God to man.
Though in delayed obedience we strive,
all in all in HIS love we will thrive.

HE ushers in hope, goodness and trust.
Some days we bow in holy worship,
and yet we rise empowered and inspired.

Horizontal love is where we falter.
For in and of itself,
that is how Love’s story unfolds.

You see, horizontal love is from us to one another.
Though we long to belong and to be known,
we often perish from wounds and neglect.

We promise what we cannot provide.
Unconditionally with rules and regulations,
we control and we contrive.

But can’t you see, nearsighted are we?
Do we not live within the crosshairs of Love?
Heaven’s or earth’s, upwardly traveling or sideways we stumble?